Seeds for Lent

This Sunday marked the first Sunday in Lent.

Traditionally, a period in time where we give something up… In our lives of busyness and chaos, living in a society that “wants” constantly, we can get so swept up in hearing what is going on ‘out there’ and not have the space or the time to listen to what is going on inside of us. So, lent is seen as a time to give something up to get in touch again with the inner voice, to reclaim your spirituality. Pope Francis says that whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, and I would add – even our better self! The quiet joy of God’s love is no longer felt, and the desire to continue to do good just fades.

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Responding to the word of God


Scarlet Robin’s gift is a beautiful book, illustrated and written by Amanda Tuohy. It is a book about a little bird who flits around the forest, listening to the plight of his friends and loved ones, hearing about their pain and fear of the forest being cut down or their homes being destroyed. In all the chaos of winter, the beautiful bird is lost, and constantly wonders what he can do to lift everyone’s spirits. He is summoned by the Forest King – a great honour – and is told that Scarlet Robin himself is the one who can save the forest. The Forest King tells Scarlet Robin that he is to sing. Scarlet is confused, and doubts his ability. But the Forest King insists – and so Scarlet Robin sings.


So, today, I want to ask you – when you hear the word of God – how do you respond?

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