Australia Day- what exactly are we celebrating?

I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend this week, and during the time I spent with her I realised it must have been the first time I had caught up with her since entering ministry. During the course of the conversation, my friend kept saying things she thought were offending me, and kept apologising. After about the 3rd time, I said, “You Know me! I dont offend easily. Say what you want!!” I was thinking about this in the car on the way home, and was reflecting on the way my friends have responded to becoming a minister. Some of my friends seem to now be suddenly of the mindset that they have to watch what they say around me, that they have to filter “normal” conversation to fit the image of my new role in the church. If this were true, I would have to give up a lot of my friends. But it’s not true. I dont offend easily, I have strong morals and values.

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