Writing Light

Photo-graphy: from the words                      Photo = Light

Graph = Writing

“Writing Light” – what a wonderful concept!

Artists do this for us; they see things differently.

An artist notices light and the corresponding shadow, and sees beauty in the interaction between colours.

It doesn’t matter how monochrome the light palette, or how ordinary the subject being seen –

to the artist, the comparison, the connection between objects, light and shadow, shades, is what makes beauty.

More than beauty: it is what makes what is seen interesting.

God has an artist’s eye. God sees the created universe, from the enormous to the tiny, and calls it ‘Good’ (see Genesis 1).

Imagine that this is the artist looking at what we might think of as ordinary, monochrome, dull… How we often look at ourselves, or the world immediately around us.

God invites us into a divine vision, that sees with God’s own artistic sight. Look around, and within, for the light and shadow, the composition, the palette… And celebrate the beauty of all things, including yourself!


– Merryl.