They’ll know us by our … love?

I wonder.

I’m thinking of all Christians here, not just our little bunch at Hartwell (and even we have our less than loving moments, from time to time).

What do your non-Christian,  non-church going friends say about the church? About Christians?  How are Christians portrayed in the news media? ‘Love’ is seldom the first word that springs to mind – often undeservedly, but sadly, not always.

How do we share such love that others feel invited into it, welcomed and loved? How does love become such a way of life that it spills from us, splashing all those with whom we come into contact?

Certainly, it starts here in this place.  We need to remember the importance of listening to each other, of allowing each other to question and probe, of helping each other explore our own particular sense of calling, of listening to each other with grace, intention and care. This sounds like a vivid picture of love at work! Now, how can we get so good at it here, that we naturally spread it in every part of our lives, all over our wider neighborhood?